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This site is for Jewish and Gentile Messianic singles to be able to meet and get to know one another.  Even with the amount of other Messianic singles blogs and FB pages, it is still proving difficult for Messianic singles to meet other like-minded singles.  We offer free membership with no strings attached...try it for yourself.  We have members from Canada, the USA, South Africa, Australia and the rest of the world! 

We do our best to screen applicants and remove people who are not truly Messianic.  This ensures that our site is integrity based.  We honor your privacy and your real name, phone number, address and email will never be shared or displayed publicly unless you choose to do so.

  This site is free but membership is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. 

The only membership requirements are that you must be single (not married) and Messianic (a Torah keeper [keep the Saturday Sabbath & practice Biblical Kosher] and a follower of Y'shua) in order to join.  Those who are found to not practice Messianic beliefs will have their accounts deleted by the admins.  We are not trying to be exclusive but there are many other sites that cater to the mainstream Christian and/or secular singles crowd.  

Whether you believe in Messianic dating, Messianic courtship or Messianic betrothal...there's a place for you here!